Remote Sensing and the Landslide Hazard and Risk Assessment

This repository is a collection of basic scripts — explained in English and Spanish — for analysing landslides using space-based data in Google Earth Engine (GGE). It aims to facilitate working with big data in the cloud as an alternative to using desktop software

Landslide in northern Nepal in August 2014. Image: NASA

What is satellite-based information about landslides used for?

Cloud computing in landslides monitoring

General description of the algorithm

Interpretation and description of images

Landslides using space-based data in Google Earth Engine (GGE)
This image compares the results of the BSI index before and after the slide on the Google Earth platform

Considerations for selecting appropriate tools

Comparison before after flood event caused by strong rainfalls derivated ETA hurricane at 7 November. We used TerraSAR-X data with medium (ScanSAR mode) and very high resolution (TanDEM-X-1m). Until. The flooded area covered almost all throughout Tabasco State in Mexico

How can I access relevant data?

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Phd in Geographic Information Technologies and Visiting Scientist. Bonn Office, UN-SPIDER Programme United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)